Atelier Angelika Rinck
Atelier Angelika Rinck


Angelika Rinck, born in Hamburg in 1950, lives and works as a freelance painter and designer in Hamburg.

Already in the earliest youth she recognised her passion for the painting which she follows now for many years passionately and strictly. She was fascinated by the plants of the painter Franz Marc which she might admire in the arts centre.

Before she made herself independent in 1990 as a free lance painter and designer, she worked in the interior decoration where she already argued, on account of the job, a lot by forms, colours and paints.

1984 - 1985
she studied at the Hamburg art school JAK draw and painting.

1989 - 1991
another study, this time by the lecturer of the advanced technical college of Hamburg,  Prof. Mrs. Gerda Reichert (Student by Oskar Kokoschka).

After many trips which she undertook during the following years mainly to Adriatic, however, also in Switzerland, she finds inspiration for her plants, above all in the light, the water and atmosphere of the Levant of space.

In Switzerland she gathers with the painter and sculptor KARL LUKAS HONEGGER, as well as the sculptor SYLVIA SPYCHER. New Ideas and Inspirations are born.

Presently after varying artistic creating periods, like oil chalk pencil works, watercolour works and collage works, she works predominantly with acrylic on canvas.

Large-size, expression-strong, to the expressive realism and surrealism assigned plants, are her brand name. In the centre her basic motive „The nature“ stands as an elementary experience. This basic motive stretches as a key subject through your whole plants. People play no role in her pictures. „You would only disturb the aura of the rest and contemplation.“

The works emit a cheerful silence. You excite a demand for meditation., in the southern regions found, way of life she inspires, in addition. The rest, joy of life and strength which it scooped there flow in in big measure onto her plants. Consciously she leaves out matters of minor importance and concentrates completely upon the essentials, so that her pictures thereby attain a big expressiveness. 

Capably she knows how to show nuances between reality and dream with high colour consciousness and form consciousness.

Her plants explain themselves by itself. They are filled by positive energy, rest and joy of life. She resists temptations to follow fast-moving trends. Artists like Georgia O'Keeffe, Franz Marc and Karl Blossfeld have influenced them in her creating. Her pictures which it presents since 1987 successfully in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad are in many private collections.

She combines concrete with abstractions in the pictures. Symbols like, the spiral, development and renewal of the life, often it seems in the form of snails and mussels in her plants.

The spiral belongs to the oldest symbols of the humanity. It is connected since the Stone Age with the renewal of the life. The legal-rotary spiral is understood as a development of the life and in general as a picture of the dynamic evolution. The connection symbolises the vertical ones between sky and earth or, however, also the connection of the mind with the nature.

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